how to make guacamole
how to make guacamole

How to Make Guacamole at Home Easy and Simple

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How to Make Guacamole – Today I am making it guacamole and I was inspired by Chris over at Caribbean Pot and he made his own version using scotch bonnet peppers which are super hot and also some mango to give a little bit of sweetness but for us what we’re doing is we’re using jalapeno peppers so it’s not quite the burn and we might add some extra special ingredients at the very end to give it my own twist, so let’s get cooking.

I first get my avocados which have been ripened already they’re nice and soft I like to use Hass avocados see how green it is it’s okay sometimes they have bruises, you know problem is if your avocados get too old they’re little fibrous and you really don’t want a mouthful of fiber. Key here get that pin out okay next one done I scooped out my avocado into the bowl. I like chunky avocado so I’m not going to really mash the heck out of this that’s there get some chopped in cilantro, you don’t have to be perfect nothing has to be super missed you just want to make sure that you’re giving it a little bit of texture color and flavor.

Get Some Lemon Juice

For me this is about all I need still nice and big pieces in there. I’m going to get some lemon juice in there key also squeeze with the fork inside so you can administer as much as you want. It’s about right for me which is about a half a teaspoon of lemon juice the cilantro was about 1 tablespoon. I’m going to use the whole jalapeno which means that I don’t bother removing any of the seeds or the ribs from it because to me if it has a little bit of kick that’s all that matters.

how to make guacamole
how to make guacamole

Nice and minced it’s kind of like a bell pepper not so spicy so we’re going to give it just a tad bit more. I’m going to show you a trick that you can do with your tomato to remove the seeds extra quick but make sure that you have a sharp knife when you do it and make sure that you don’t cut yourself and believe it or not a dull knife hurts more than a sharp knife when you do cut yourself.

Tomato Slice

Tomato slice here slice the end and I come in. And I remove the core as I go along the outside. Seeds come out and now I can chop. Nice and easy we just want some strips because we’re going to go across them and make some dice. It is and it goes there’s that and now for a little bit of my twist. My own way and adding that secret ingredient we’re going to do some garlic and the way that. I like to do the garlic here using fresh garlic. Is I chop it up a bit make sure that the blade is away from me. And I just kind of go back and forth Rocking and making a paste with the garlic.

Garlic paste scoop it up and it goes and then the last thing is cumin. Cumin powder ground cumin you can use whole seeds with the mortar pestle. If you want to but it’s so much easier and so much cheaper just to get the ground. I had about a half a teaspoon of that then garnish some salt on that and you’re done. Super simple easy delicious go in break it up and mix pretty colors and we’re good. That’s it super easy super simple and super tasty.

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